Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bahamas Trip – Post 1

If you are just here for the pictures, please feel free to skip my words, but I imagine there are a few who would enjoy a little background and description of our trip to the island of Eleuthera.

About 12 years ago Dave’s sister, Randy, and her husband Phil purchased a partially completed house on Eleuthera thinking it would be a great place to go when they retire.  After a lot of work and frustration, commuting from their home in California, they are now able to spend several months at their lovely beach home, Heavy Breezes.  

Dave managed a trip to visit 6 years ago when he had business in Miami, but I admit I was a bit reluctant to go, a lot of the reason the long travel time across the country – boy was I silly.



All the houses have names, not numbers.  They came up with the name when they called their contractor (from California) during a hurricane to see how things were and he said it was just some “Heavy Breezes”.


The house is built up on stilts.  The vegetation is lush,  so inside or on the deck you feel you are in a tree house, looking out over the tree tops.



Under the stairs is the “Tiki Bar”



Signpost depicting the distance to places people have come from, that’s Bellingham on the bottom.


I guess I didn’t take any pictures of the wonderful way Randy has decorated, everywhere you see little grouping of shells, coral and assorted found objects.


       A local custom is “progging”, gathering food from unoccupied land.  This bunch of bananas was progged from a neighbor’s yard who had left for the season.

01-Oleander Cove

This is the Oleander Gardens cove, the house is about 2 blocks away.  We’d walk down for sunset viewing.