Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project Progress

I’ve decided to document some of my recent and in-progress projects, the intention is to encourage me to continue on and complete what I’ve intended.

yarn projects

On the left is the start of a crochet hat, made from some lovely Noro Silk Garden yarn that was in my stash.  And yes, I ran out of before I finished.  Now what?  I love the colors so the next step would be to see if I can find some similar yarn to finish it off, I want to add a brim because that style of hat looks best on me.

Next is a crochet jar cover .  I’ve seen this idea several places, the latest with instructions is

You put a tea light in the jar, either real or battery, they look lovely grouped together.

And with some Christmas present yarn I knitted a neck warmer for Dave to wear while motorcycle riding (rust colored, bottom center)


I would like to draw regularly to improve my skills, so I’ve been following a couple of challenges on blogs, but not really doing them.  There is a fun Zentangle weekly challenge, and a lot of Art Quilters are participating in a Sketchbook Challenge.

I’ve lost my desire to do this month’s project for my small art group, to make a quilt block in different color schemes.  I did the first one, monochromatic, but now I’m thinking I’d rather put my time into different things.

I had this urge to sew  a summer top to wear when we are in the Bahamas next month, why do I start these things?, I really don’t enjoy sewing clothes anymore.  I bought the zipper I needed, so it will be pretty quick to finish.



Here are some recent acquisitions.  Kim bought me a great sketchbook for Christmas, and I got a Field Watercolor set to add color to my drawings.  Also some new pens and a Zentangle for Fabric book from Matt.

milo again


And of course while I was trying to stage these items for my photo shoot, Milo felt that this was just the spot he needed to be.