Monday, October 11, 2010

Walk about the Yard

Time to update on some of the yard projects from this summer.  The bog filters are operational, though we haven’t finished prettying them up.  This is the waterfall area from the small ponds into the big pond, it makes a lovely sound.pond

Now that the pond is clearer we are starting to see the goldfish – a lot.  Yes, we did start feeding them again, and now whenever you walk around the pond they follow you.  Maybe they can see us better now too.  A friend of Dave’s gave us some Koi, but we haven’t seen them.  I guess they are being coy, and hope they are doing OK.  The other morning a Heron was on Ducky Island, and I could tell he was watching the goldfish, but I never saw him go for one.


Dave decided it was finally time for the shop that he has wanted forever.  This is just the pole building, the next step will be the concrete floor. 

shop 1

This is the way our “compound” now looks from up towards the garden.  House on the left, shop on the right, with the view down the driveway.

shop 2

A few late flowers blooming to show some color.late blooms

The boys worked hard to get a supply of firewood put up.  Those weather people  keep saying we are going to have a cold/wet/snowy winter. 



I’m in a mood to try and finish projects that have been languishing.  Finally completed my fingerless gloves from last year.  My friend Debi is modeling them at our Starbucks knitting meeting.fingerless gloves