Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Green Post

Originally I was going to title this post “Vegetable Garden Wrap-up” but as I was putting in all my pictures, all I saw was a lot of green.  I wonder how many people will think this is about being ecologically green?


Apple crop looks good, we’ve picked a few.apples

This year we finally had grapes on the vines, but this is as big as they got.  I think they need to be in a sunnier/warmer spot.



Green beans – bush style did OK.green beans


Leeks were successful, some have already been harvested.  The blank area behind the leeks had potatoes that I dug up a couple of weeks ago.  It was like finding buried treasure.leeks


Squash overload, at least of their leaves.  This mass includes several varieties, the Patty Pan did OK, got a few off the Delica, and the ornamental gourds are spreading all over.  There is a yellow zucchini a little to the left, I’ve harvested a few from it, but not the usual bonanza.  It just was a weird summer.squash


Artichoke left to flower.artichoke


garden interest