Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moonlight Quilters Show

The day before the show, it started with an empty room and a forest of quilt stands.

QS 1

Then the hanging of quilts began.

QS 2


QS 3


On the first day of the show,  Linda and Betsy greet you, take your admission fee, and sell you tickets for the raffle quilt and raffle basket.QS 21

Look at what you see right after you walk in the door.  The quilt on the right is mine, I made it a few years ago, but it’s never been in a show before.QS 6

And since I’m pointing out my quilts, these 4 small black and white quilts were done by members of my What Knots group, the tree on the bottom is mine.QS 5

From there it’s a random/eclectic mix of pictures of things that caught my eye.  Of course anything that’s bright…QS 4

Lovely white glove hostesses, Anara and Dana ready the show you around.  Any yes, Anara is wearing special yellow gloves that her sister made for her.QS 7

Suz’s amazing quilt, lots of detail and bead work.QS 8

A collection of black and white blocks from a guild block of the month project.QS 9

A pair of lovely quilts made for past Presidents of the guild.QS 10

QS 11

Just one of the vendor booth, Yvonne and Patty had a wonderful selection of special items.09.25 014


It was a great show, lots of amazing talent in the guild.