Friday, April 23, 2010


greenhouse 1

This is my new greenhouse, we got the kit at Costco. I’ve really been enjoying it. Can you tell the inside wall are all dewy from the moisture inside?greenhouse inside

An inside look. I really don’t like trying to get stuff to grow from seeds, I’m too impatient, I’d rather buy starts. But I can buy them early (it’s still a bit cold to plant out most things) when the selection is best, and keep them safe inside. zinnia starts

I love zinnias, look at this color selection I found at Fred Meyer.scotch broom

Outside some things are blooming, like this lovely Scotch Broom.crab apple blossoms

And the Crab Apple Tree.crane

I don’t think I’ve shown this great picture of a Heron on Ducky Island that Dave took a few weeks ago.