Monday, April 12, 2010

Black and White Challenge


In January I went with my husband on a business trip to California, and we went to San Diego for a couple of days.  On my list was to see the Visions Quilt Art Gallery, unfortunately they were in the process of changing shows.   I did get to see their Members Challenge, which was to create a 12” x 12” quilt in black and white fabrics.  The quilts were wonderful, so I came back and challenged The What Knots to this project. 

Today was our reveal day, and it was just as exciting.  Several people mentioned that with the color choice already made and the small format, they were inspired to try new things they had been thinking about.  I should have taken notes as each person talked about her piece, instead you have what I remember.  Please feel free to send me any corrections and I’ll update.

Click on any picture if you want to see it larger.


Georgi was inspired by Reynola’s circle quilts.


Gail tried some new ways to manipulate fabric.


Ann said this design just came to her immediately after the challenge was announced.

Yvonne 1

Yvonne was inspired by a painting by Goya that she saw on a recent trip to Spain.


Francie wasn’t with us, but sent along this to share.Marian Marian said she had trouble deciding what to do, then came up with this fabulous piece that had everyone exclaiming as I was trying to put them all up.  Somehow I missed taking an individual picture of this one, so this is just a crop from the group shot.  Sorry Marian!

Karen 1My second attempt, I’ve been doing a lot of tree quilts.  Actual size is 13 x 13”, I cheated.Linda

Linda found this design in a magazine, wonderful fabric choices.  The buttons on the top are the hanging method that I didn’t show thinking it would make the size of the picture different from the others.Karen 2

My first attempt.  The fabrics are hand stamped.Pam

Pam created this unique silhouette of herself.Yvonne 2

This is the second of Yvonne’s panels, there are 3 which will be put together.Anara 1

Anara’s whimsical quilt using Jean Wells curved piecing technique from a class she took.Anara 2

This is Anara’s first attempt, which she rejected, but we all loved and said it had to be included.GroupHere they all are shown together, Stunning, right?What Knots              The What Knot group.