Monday, January 25, 2010

Cats and Stuff

Milo poses and shows you some new fabric I bought.
Dave had piled up all the couch cushions to move the couch, and Sophie kitty thought this would be a great place to hang out.
I've had a fairly successful round of quilting on my B-Line frame and I thought I'd take a picture of the progress. The minute I put the quilt on my work table, Milo was up on it.

Detail to show you the quilting. I haven't done the borders yet and there is some quilting that I think I want to try and take out, you'll see the whole quilt when it is done.

I go back and forth about how I feel about my work. As I was quilting I was pleased with what I was doing. When I first took it off the frame I hated it. Then after it sat a while I felt better about it. I really love this quilt top so I hope I can come to terms with the finished product.