Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Knots February

Marian complete this lovely quilt, wonderfully colored trees for any season.

Francie is hand quilting this family heirloom that is perfect for current trends.

Occasionally we have group challenges, and at this meeting we decided on two. When I was in San Diego I visited the Visions Quilt Gallery and saw a wonderful member challenge. The quilts were 12" x 12" and the only requirement was that you could only use black and white in them. The results were stunning and we have challenged ourselves to do the same, results to be revealed in April.

Several years ago we did a very successful challenge where we created quilts inspired by a picture. There is a flicker badge on my sidebar where you can see these quilts again. We decided to do another challenge, and this is the picture we chose.

I played around with some different cropping of the picture for ideas, I particularly love these flowers though the colors are limited.

The only rule is that you take your inspiration from the photo. It does not have to be a replication of it, you can use colors, shapes, how it makes you feel (go Marian), textures, composition, the possibilities are endless. These will be revealed in September.