Monday, August 03, 2009

Sock Summit Prep

I'm very excited to be attending Sock Summit this week. I'll be driving down to Portland on Wednesday, staying through Saturday.

In an OCD moment I made these bags to organize my yarn. I started with a quart zip-lock bag, added an eyelet hole for the yarn to feed through, and sewed the bags at the bottom to make them shorter to fit the yarn more snugly. I'll let you know how they work, at least packing each skein of yarn in it's own bag will help keep things neat.
On the Sock Summit forum at Ravelry, there was some discussion about making mini socks to trade. They are great fun, but I'm having problems with the heal flap on the toe-up pattern I'm using. I don't think I'll have many for trading, it's good practice on the cast on technique I'm suppose to know for my class.

I'm taking an all day class on Thursday, volunteering for the Opening Reception and the attempt to create a world record Knit In, and then being a teacher helper for a class on Saturday. It should be a fun filled 4 days with time for shopping. Just imagine all that yarn (150 vendors) in one place!

Here's a couple of pictures of bouquets of flowers I picked yesterday, should have taken the pictures then when they were fresh, but they still look good. It continues to be warm so I'm watering daily which is getting to be tiring.