Monday, July 27, 2009


I had a wild spurt of bag making inspired by this pattern. The first one was the largest one for some of my knitting accessories or projects. The zipper for that one was 14" long, I cut the fabric in a 12" square. The others were made with zippers I had picked up on sale; the white ones were 10 cents each (I now wish I had bought more) and the grey zipper on the blue bag had 5 cents written on the tag from a fabric store that closed at least 10 years ago.

The green bag is made from fabric with cat words on it, it's for the mouse for my Netbook. The floral one was just some fabric I liked and doesn't have a use/home yet. I was showing them to Dave and he wanted one for his I-Pod so I had him pick the fabric, and he choose the blue with Japanese writing on it. It's also got a layer of batting for extra padding and a loop on the zipper for carry it by. These are very quick to make.

My niece Stephanie sent me pictures of Rhys wearing the vest and sweater I knit for him. The fit isn't ideal, but he makes anything look adorable.