Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yard Tour

The pressure was on about what to write about on the momentous post #300, so I'll give you a yard tour of what's blooming.

First my latest yard art, this lovely rusted deer. Yes I'm happy to have this kind of deer in my yard.
The dahlias are starting to bloom, I am amazed by the color of this one.
The sweet peas have been prolific.
The cats follow me around the yard, Sophie was playing on this pole.
Snap dragons and spirea.
Red Zinnia, I love the shapes of the petals.
Another dahlia with some yarrow.
Here's a long view of some of the flower bed.
Salpiglossis, they bloomed so well for me last year that I had to grow them again.
Bee Balm and Crocosmia.