Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vacation Photos

A few vacation pictures to share, we stayed at Worldmark, Indio. This was our view from the patio of the condo. There's a decorative pond then further away is the pool and lazy river. We had a wonderful, quiet spot (except when we had some spring break teenagers upstairs partyting.)
This is looking out the front door, I know it's a parking lot. I really liked the palm trees against the mountains. To the left is the golf course.
My favorite spot, the lazy river pool. This is a rare view taken on our last morning so there weren't many people in it yet. You floated around on large tubes, so relaxing - except when there were kids diving under you. I really wanted to tell them this was the lazy area, swimming and splashing were to be done in the main pool, but I didn't.
Another view, I'm standing on a bridge that goes over to the middle "island", I really should have taken a picture with more people in it. We'd float in a group, occasionally it was like bumper cars when the tubes would pile up, but everyone was good natured about it, it's vacation time.