Monday, October 13, 2008

Duck Feeding

Two Mallard males showed up and I decided the quickly get some food down to them to encourage them to stay. Milo accompanied me.
These guys must have been here before, they knew I was putting good stuff in the water and were determined to get it while cautiously watching the cat.
They would approach, then circle back.
It was a dance, Milo would loose interest, the ducks would come closer, Milo would be attracted by their nearness, they'd move back...

Let's try it from a different direction.
Aw, heck with it, let's just eat. The picture I missed was Milo falling in and the assorted chaos from that. I finally decided it was time to let the ducks eat in peace and convinced a wet Milo to follow me in the house.

All pictures are clickable to see larger.