Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cute Baby

My niece Stephanie posted this picture of her son Rhys wearing the sweater I knit for him, isn't he a cutie! Sweater is still a bit big, which is good for a growing boy, I really appreciate seeing him in it.

I got this quilt top done, simple piecing, 9 patch blocks that are cut apart are reassembled. This is my second attempt at this project, I originally started it using some cat fabric I had but was getting frustrated with my choices. So I stared over with a planned pallet of fabric, which enabled me to keep going. I used 4" strips to make the 9 patch blocks, this top is about 35" x 40".

To create this quilt I made 4 blocks each of 4 color combinations (16 blocks). I placed the dark purple in the corners of the 9 patch, the same gold fabric in the center of each block, and a coordinating light fabric in between. Once the 9 patch blocks are sewn, you cut them into 4 even blocks and reassemble, there are many possibilities.