Monday, September 01, 2008

Knitting Update

I feel like I've done a lot of knitting on the Pacific Grove Pullover, this is both the front and back, they are knit the same. The one on the right I've started adding the neckline squares to, will add them to the other half and do sleeves. I may have a yarn dilemma, but I'll face that when I get to it.
Here's my tomato crop! We have lots of green tomatoes but with cooler temps and shorter days we don't hold out for much ripening. This mini tomato plant was grown in a pot so I could try and keep it in the sunshine more. I'm contemplating bringing it inside and putting it under the grow lamp.
Silly shot of the tomato in the lettuce. We divided the tomato into thirds so each of us could have a taste.
Milo follows me around in the yard, I caught him in the flowers.
And here he is relaxing on some fabric, the purple looks nice with him, don't you think, complimentary colors.
I wasn't going to show this wallet I made, it did not turn out well. I know if I make another I'll do better, having learned from my mistakes. The original picture of it folded up didn't come out and it's not worth taking another, but I do love this fabric. Now the problem is what to do with it. Some of my quilter friends have been discussing projects that you no longer like, and the consensus was to find them another home, someone will love it. Don't think that works for this, I'll hold on to it to let Kim look at and if she doesn't like it it will probably get tossed.

Milo's tail really adds something to the picture.