Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Flowers

Here's an assortment of pictures from my yard that I've taken in the last few weeks.

I have a hard time getting shots showing several different flowers, but this has the blue delphinium in the background, a late bloom on the lupine and Echinacea in the front.
Rudbeckia, writing this is a test of spelling all the flower names.
Lovely Zinnias, I'm worried about the plants in this bed. Now that the sun is lower in the sky it doesn't get sun till the late afternoon, I hope there will be enough light to keep these flowers blooming.
Black eyed Susans, another Rudbeckia variety.

When I started seeds indoors early this spring, I planted some poppy seeds that I had sitting around. They were very slow to grow and don't transplant well so I put the few surviving plants into a spare pot. They grew and bloomed, but you have to enjoy them quickly, the petals fall off after a day.

Another Dahlia shots, I have 3 large plants of this variety, they have bloomed spectacularly.
And finally more sunflowers. These have been great in bouquets, they've lasted longer than any of the others.

I'm close to being done with flower pictures, only a few new things left to bloom.

I've been shopping for a new camera, I want something that can take "quicker" pictures so I can get some decent shots of Milo kitty who moves very fast. You can only take so many pictures of him sleeping. Kim has some cute shots on her Flickr page.