Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Update

Last Sunday I played around with a camera Dave brought home from work, a Canon SX100IS. It has lots of wonderful features, even a lot of manual settings that I probably would never use. I am still undecided about what I want, I must admit I prefer to look through a viewfinder rather than try to frame my picture on a tiny screen.

Look, a new bloom, this is a Crocosmia, I bought the bulbs last year and this is the first bloom.
I've been hand watering a lot this week, and as I contemplate the different areas of the yard I tell myself that I really need to make notes on what works and what doesn't so next spring I can move things around. I love all these Zinnia's but none of them are getting enough sun at this time of the year so they are slow to bloom. I have my eye on a spot that is still getting a lot of sun that may be my Zinnia bed next year.

I have one last flower to bloom, I hope it will be open enough today to photograph. I'm going to have to start getting busy on inside projects soon or I'll have nothing to blog about.