Monday, July 28, 2008

Knitting Disasters

I did a lot of knitting yesterday but don't have much that was successful to show for it. I do have a callus/sore spot on my index finger from pushing the point of the left hand needle down, I really tried to not do that, specially when it started to hurt.

What you are looking at here is a mitered square. What? It's not square, how can that be, I followed the directions. And I'll have you know this is my second attempt, the first one was really messed up plus I decided I needed to use larger needles and cast on a few more stitches to get the right size. I am knitting the Pacific Grove Pullover (that's the pattern on the right hand side, all washed out looking) and I haven't done mitered squares before. Directions seemed pretty straight forward, but after a few rows of only decreasing 1 stitch every second row, well it just didn't seem like it was going right, but I kept going, I'm following the directions.

When I got to this point I could no longer kid myself that it was suppose to look this way, so I read and reread the directions. Finally I saw it, what I was reading as ssk really said sssk. Gee how did I miss that? So, I will be unraveling all this to try again, on another day.
Then there's my socks that I'm knitting 2 at the same time on 2 circulars. Looks good in the picture, I decided to pose them artistically to make me feel better, but if you could see the detail you'd see that I got off pattern. If I was really diligent about it I could rip back to where I went wrong, but since I missed something in the first place, I'm not confident that I could figure out how to get back on track. These will probably be unraveled to start over.
Here's a few of my birthday presents to myself. Knit & Purl and Lace & Eyelets from the Interweave hurt book sale. From my initial browse Knit & Purl has lots of interesting patterns but I wasn't impressed with the other book. I also had to get the latest Rowan magazine, not sure if I'll knit anything out of it but it's lovely eye candy. It could be a coffee table book, it's so gorgeous.
We are enjoying raspberries from the garden, Matt made raspberry milk shakes today. I'm trying to keep up with the picking and freeze them so they don't go bad.