Monday, July 28, 2008

Fabric Store Map

A great idea was started at The Golden Yard to create a Google Map of local fabric stores.

Click here
to go to the map

It's easy to add new stores, anyone can, anywhere in the world.

In the "Search the Map" box near the top of the screen type in the address for your store.

Your store will then be displayed on a map with a bubble that includes several choices starting with "Get Directions". Choose "Save to My Maps". It will then ask you for the map, and you select "Local fabric & Sewing Shops" and hit save.

You will then get a new bubble where you can edit your information. Make the Title the name of the store, then in the description include the address, phone number, web page or other pertinent info you have.

Click "OK" and it's added.

I don't see any way to sort the list by area, there are limited features but if everyone updates it to their local fabric stores it could be a great resource if you are traveling.