Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Milo

Here's my new kitten, Milo. He's a bundle of joy. Sophie kitty in upper left hand corner is not too pleased, but I think Milo would like to be friends. Time will tell.
He's already discovered yarn.
Helping at the computer, he really likes crawling on the keyboard and scratching at things moving on the screen. I finally had to put him in the bedroom so I could get this done.
Eating, yes everything he does is precious.
Looks like he's staring intently out the window, but actually it's Sophie sitting on the other table glaring at him.

I wanted a cuddle kitty and it looks like he's going to fill the bill. He may even drive me crazy with all the togetherness. He was pretty timid at first but is quickly warming up to his new home. And he's a very vocal kitty both with the meow's and purring, but he's been very good about sleeping through the night.