Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Growing

The continued cool and cloudy weather has delayed a lot of things growing. Local farmers are in bad shape with their crops, Strawberry season is usually just about over by now but it hasn't begun.
I stopped by my local garden shop and this is what came home with me. I usually don't pay $6.95 for an annual but this was so gorgeous. I picked the plant with more buds than blooms, the full blooming ones were lovely. It's "Fireball Red" Argyranthemum frutescens, I hope it does well. I looked it up, the common name is Margarite Daisy, I've just never seen them in this color before and the petals are not as round on the ends.
A butterfly was partaking of some lilac nectar, this bush is just at it's peak.
I've been fasinated with my Lupine, so many blooms. I picked some and took a bouquet to work along with some lilacs and the lupines still look lovely after 5 days, the lilacs aren't doing as well.
Lupines in the morning sunlight. My peony's are looking close to blooming, maybe if there is some sun this weekend...