Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

What is this? It's the back half of a knitted bear. I'm following these instructions, he's fairly small, he's suppose to be about 12" and I think that's going to be about right. I found the yarn on a clearance rack, it's Red Heart Symphony, very fuzzy which I think will make a great bear but is hard to knit with. And I'm using 2 strands because it didn't seem thick enough with just one.
If you noticed the lovely prints in the upper corner of the previous picture, they are by Geninne, I purchased them from her Etsy shop. She did a series of 20, I would love them all but I settled for these 3. Now I need to get frames and find a place to show them off.
First Peony blooms and oh are they gorgeous.
Here's what I picked to have on my desk at work, the fragrance is lovely. They also opened up to their full splendor once I had them in a vase. I have several other plants yet to bloom.
Here's the baby sweater progress. I've stopped because I think the arm hole is too big. That means ripping it back which of course is a major decision but I can practically get my arm in that sleeve. You can start to see that the self striping yarn will have thicker stripes on the sleeve. I'm knitting them with 2 circular needles.