Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day in Seattle

Saturday was Knit in Public Day and I had to miss the event in Bellingham as we had planned to go visit Kim in Seattle.

But I did my part to Knit in Public or KIP as Kim said. First I KIP while waiting for our sandwiches at the Honey Hole. The lady at the next table was quite intrigued. Then I KIP at Cafe Vita, when we stopped for coffee and to visit Kim's work place.

I had found from the KIP website that there were 2 events in Seattle, so I directed us to the Olympic Sculpture park to see what was going on.

The sun came out just as we arrived in Seattle, it was a gorgeous day. There were knitters sitting on the grass knitting, but I didn't have the nerve to join them. Instead we just walked around a reveled in the sunshine.

Mother and daughter, as you can see we were right above the water.
Dad and daughter looking back towards town.
One section of the trail was flanked with these lovely iris.
Of course a picture of the Space Needle from the park. Kim has been complaining that it's tourist season, and since her primary mode of transportation is walking, she is often stopped and asked for directions. The Space Needle is easy, all she has to do is point.

From there were found a lovely spot so I could KIP while sipping beer on the pier. That wrapped up my knitting for the day as it was agreed that knitting at the nice restaurant while we waited for our dinner would not be appropriate.