Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One good thing about our cold, wet spring, it's been wonderful for all the Rhododendrons around town. There is gorgeous color everywhere.

This one is just opening up now, a lovely lavender. I'm slowly collecting and realizing the worth of Rhodies, I've now got 5, one still needs a new home as it wasn't doing well in it's former location.
Another poppy shot, I've had thoughts of a poppy quilt and made some feeble attempts at sketching a design, so more pictures might help. I took a bouquet of poppies for my desk at work, they were gorgeous the first day, OK the second and a mess by the third.

At knit group last night several ladies had knit teddy bears and they were so cute and cuddly, now I want to make one. I made a trip to Michael's Craft store after work and came home with a bag full, yarn and a book on knitting toys (40% off coupon of course). The yarn I bought for bears was on clearance, so that's OK, right. Here's a cute pattern for Harry Bear.

The real reason for the shopping trip is that a friend's daughter is graduating from high school on Saturday and I had the inspiration to crochet a scarf in her college colors, crimson and gray, as a present. I found this pattern on-line which I'm using, it should go quick. It was hard to find "crimson" yarn and I selected one that had little flecks of blue and purple in it. However when I pulled out the middle to start there were flecks of gold in that sections, I guess there are more colors than I thought. I cut off the gold flecked part and won't use it unless I have to.

It's been pouring rain all day, so I good day to cuddle up with some yarn.