Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mr. Greenjeans

Here's the long awaited (!?!?) picture of the completed Mr. Greenjeans sweater. In case you don't know "Mr. Greenjeans" is the name of the pattern on, and yes I made it out of green yarn. It's always good to see things on, so I did this picture of myself in the mirror, not the most flattering, oh well.
Here's the sweater laid out flat on the floor
On to the next project. I've been going in circles about a baby sweater, I pick out a pattern then don't have the yarn. Then I pick some yarn and don't have a pattern. I've made 3 trips to my local yarn store this week, they must think I'm crazy. First trip was just to look around, then that night I ran out of the yarn for my slippers so I had to go back. While there I found this lovely sock yarn which should make a cute self striping sweater. They had a pattern specifically for this yarn but I thought I'd just use one I had. Later as I thought about it I realized if I did the back and fronts as separate pieces it would be impossible to match the stripes as the back is wider. I was sure that the pattern at the store must have a solution for this so I went back and looked at the pattern, it was just a generic sweater, no allowances for matching the stripes.

So I found a pattern knit from the top down in one piece, I'll just have to be careful when I add the sleeves. The pattern is for a dk weight yarn so I'm adjusting, we'll see how that works out. The knitting you see is for the collar, I'm just about to start the increases for the sleeves.

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