Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cat Antics

A few days ago when it wasn't RAINING, I was sitting on the deck in the afternoon, knitting in the sunshine. I see Sophie kitty charging around the house, not an unusual site as she zooms around everywhere. I expected to see Jessie dog chasing her but was surprised to see a coyote! It looked to be young, on the small side and when it saw me it veered off down the driveway. I'm glad to report that Sophie was smart enough to head to the house instead of up a tree.

Kim was home over the weekend and brought her cat Sonja along. When Kim came downstairs in the morning she was carrying 3 pairs of shoes, which Sonja had deposited in front of her door. Sonja was a street cat who was rescued with her litter of kittens from under a freeway overpass. I think her shoe fetish is from carting her kittens from place to place. When Sonja is visiting it's interesting to get up in the morning and see her piles, often there are shoes piled on her favorite sitting spot. I've never seen her with a shoe but in the middle of the night I can hear her crying, maybe looking for those kittens who all have good homes.