Monday, June 09, 2008

Adventures with Paintsticks

What??? These aren't Paintsticks, no they are Peony buds.
Look how many are on one plant, it will be wild if it ever blooms. I do have a tomato cage around the plant so hopefully the flowers will not fall over. I decided to pick one bud and bring it inside to see if it will open up.
I don't think I've shown you my front porch pots, I'm quite proud of what I did. I usually forget to water these pots, they are not in my usual path, so this year I decided to plant succulents, hopefully they will survive better on limited water.
Fun combinations of colors and textures, poor little branches are leaning towards the light.
Now here's where I played with the Shiva Paintsticks. All my "designs" are rubbing, either off the Cedar Canyon Rubbing plates, some texture sheets I used with polymer clay or rubber stamps. The pink one was a rubbing that I colored in.
I used different colors in different sections on this one, still rubbing.
Some texture sheets and rubber stamps. I really wanted to try using them with a stencil but I couldn't remember where I'd stashed mine. I recently bought a clearance flower stencil that I finally found this morning, I had put it in the box with the other Paintstick supplies I've been gathering.

Here's Kim's latest tattoo. Really neat artwork. That's all I'm going to say.