Saturday, June 07, 2008

Amigurumi - 1st bear

My first projected completed, just hours before the graduation party.
I had such fun taking this bear around and posing, here he is with my I-Pod.
The sun came out briefly, so we have bear, scarf, rosemary and thyme. And wet knees from squatting down to take the picture.
Next we have bear and scarf on the rocks. Sophie kitty came to look. Gives you a size perspective.
Bear, scarf and turtle on the pond deck with pots.
Other than the rhodie and bedraggled poppies, this is the only thing blooming, a new perennial that I think is call Wahrberg Daisy. Click to enlarge to see the rain drops on the petals.
Current status of the lupine. You might remember it from last year, it grew one huge flower stalk and a few others. This year it looks like I'm getting lots of smaller stalks. These leaves are also very good at capturing the rain drops.