Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

I did it, I got my knitting machine out of the box. This "vintage" machine was purchased around 1975 and I did use it some then, but it only works with a thin yarn and there wasn't much selection back then. Now there tons of gorgeous yarn in sock and fingering weight so I just need to get to it. The problem is I have no patience right now for reading the instructions, definitely slows me down. This is actually only half the machine, there is also a ribber attachment (in box below table) that essentially doubles the size and gives you many more options, and more instructions. I did knit a small swatch before I gave up.
Lovely poppy just opened up, had to get a picture quick before the rain beat it down.
This was my sunny Sunday project. This is a piece of the man made stream that flows into our (man made) pond. The purpose of this stream is to return the water that's been pumped from the pond up to a filter. It had gotten very icky, muddy and green junk in it. I decided to just dig in and stir up the gravel and pull weeds with gunk attached. If you look closely, the rock pile in the center of the picture is a dividing line of sorts between a section that is done and the next section to work (on the left). It made an amazing difference, now the water is flowing cleanly and you can see the gravel.
Sweat pea progress, not much as you can see. These seeds went into the ground in early April, right before some snow, and they are still only a few inches tall. The plant on the left is a Sunflower, recently planted. I still have hope though since it has gotten warmer.

All pictures are clickable for a larger image.