Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Picture Tour

Saturday was a lovely day, sunshine and warmth so a lot of yard work was done. I even got out again today before the rain, pulled more weeds and then took the camera on a tour.
For some silly reason I again decided to gather these seed cones off our trees, they are everywhere and I keep thinking that I should be able to do something interesting with them, even if it's just piling them somewhere in the landscape. Any ideas? This is a 5 gallon pot, I could easily triple this amount.
Sophie huntress loves the outdoors, here she is making friends. With a clever caption this shot could be submitted to I Can Has Cheezburger.
Then it was back to the hunt, she is catching voles, nice and small thank you.

This looks promising, I hope these are flower buds on this rhododendron. It seems to bloom nicely every other year, if that is true we are due.
What is it? I'm pretty sure the plant in the front is a Echinacea (coneflower) and I think the back plant must be a weed but it looks so promising.
Bug on the Candytuft, as usual, it's clickable if you want a larger view.

Here's the prettiest thing in my yard now and it's tucked away and needs to be moved to a better location. It's a Flowering Current and if you look closely you can see the berry vines growing through it.
Here's the money shot, some good photography if I do say so!
Interesting color, Vinca and dandelions with rock.
More blooming, Spirea I think, I apologize if I mis-name anything. OK, I pulled out a garden book and looked them all up, my spelling was way off on some.
And finally some sewing, I did this before going out in the yard. It will be a pillow for Kim. Yes that's a google eye, I was looking for a bead and found it instead. It's just glued on so I doubt it will last long which may be a good thing. But I couldn't resist.