Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

On Sunday we drove to Seattle to see Kim's new apartment and help her move more stuff. The apartment is a small studio with a big closet, the previous tenant had his bed in the closet but Kim is not going to give up that storage. It's a very interesting old building, unfortunately the lobby was too dark for pictures, the mailboxes are really ornate.

This is her chandelier, there are also matching wall sconces. She said she was going to take some pictures today to show how it looks with things put away.
Kids on the futon amid the piles, yes Kim is doing phone and computer, I think she was trying to get her Internet set up, but she smiled for the camera
Finally done, I think you've seen these socks enough. I really tried to get the stripes to match, when I started the second sock I went through the skein of yarn till I got to the right spot. After I knitted a couple of rows there was a knot in the yarn where they tied in a new piece and it wasn't right to the color pattern, I just decided to go with it.
I thought I had the second one done at knit group last night, but I was just winging the toe decrease, doing what I thought I remembered but it was not good. So I took it out this afternoon and reknit, also did a pretty decent job of Kitchener stitch on the toe, this time I just followed the directions rather than thinking about it. It worked much better!