Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Needle Felting

Last night's class was an exploration of needle felting, I wasn't expecting it to be so fun.
Here is the kit we had. The bubble wrap and muslin were to be used in wet felting which I didn't try, it was fun enough watching the others rub and rub, and I did help my neighbor rub a little. But punching the roving into the wool fabric was way neat.
I really lucked out with the color of my background wool piece in my kit, here's what I did. One woman brought in a pair of slippers she made, knitted and then shrunk/felted. They were great to begin with and then she did a needle felting design on the toe to make them really gorgeous. I'm going to stop at my local yarn store this afternoon for supplies.
This is my work table, it's a wonder I get anything done because there are always partially done projects piled on it that have to be moved to get back to work. I need a cleared space to create, but any open area is just an invitation to put stuff.
My other table, actually I did move a few things to pose this picture, I was digging under everything trying to locate a project yesterday so things were a bit more on top of each other. I feel I spend all my creative time organizing myself.