Thursday, May 01, 2008

Slipper Supplies

I told you yesterday that I was inspired, after work I stopped off at Apple Yarns and got what I need to make the slippers. I'd better make several pairs to help defray the cost of the needles and pattern, these are some expensive slippers. But I was in one of those "grab what you need, don't look at the price" moods so I got it all.

I am glad I supported my local yarn store, and the place was really buzzing even though it was a Wednesday afternoon. There was a full table of knit group knitters chatting and clicking away as well as several shoppers besides myself. They recently moved into a new location , it didn't seem much bigger but I think that's because the added a lot more luscious yarn. I glanced, but I was on a mission!

So now I'm inspired to get my sweater done so I can start on the slippers. I'm about 1/2 way down the second sleeve though progress will slow down soon as I get to the cables. Then there's the edging, not sure what you call it but that will take awhile.

I took a walk around the yard yesterday afternoon to see what was growing and I saw some sprouts of my sweet peas! Yea! I was getting worried. I also think I saw a little bit of a Dahlia poking up and there's sunshine predicted for this weekend.