Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Growing Seedling

Each spring I start seedlings with the best of intentions but my method of placing them next to a window produces leggy plants. And the selection of annuals starts at local stores and nurseries have not been very inspiring, the only way to get the plants I want is to grow them from seed

So I just ordered myself this Jump Start Growing light. It's adjustable, you can raise it as your plants grow for optimum lighting for the seedlings.

Once I found this nifty item I searched several sources trying to find the best price including shipping. I also wanted to make sure it was shipped quickly as I want to get things going. I finally ended up at, even though I would have preferred to give my business to a smaller retailer this looks like the quickest way to get my plant light, I even signed up for my free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime so I get 2 day shipping for free.

Now since I'll have this set up I'm thinking about what else I want to grow from seed.