Saturday, March 01, 2008

Purchased at the Garden Show

1. Astrantia Collection, three bulbs or roots for flowering plants that grow in the shade. They look really neat in the picture (see below for larger)
2. Noodlehead Sprinkler - lots of little mini flexible sprinkler thingies that you can point where ever you want. I usually end up hand watering because I hate when sprinklers don't go exactly where you want, I hope this will solve that.
3. English Y-Stakes - the top of them bend around your plant to help hold it.
4. Atlas Nitrile Touch Glove, seems very soft and flexible while strong.
5. A Dahlia tuber, Purple! Called Barbarry Fusilier
6. A water lily for the pond called Arc-n-Ciel. The are suppose to be easy to grow and hardy in our climate. It was a bit expensive but if it does well will be worth it.

Close up of the Astrantia Collection, all pictures are click able for a larger view.
We did buy some art, really like these metal pieces made in Haiti from oil drums. I bought it even though I had no idea where I wanted it but
Dave found the perfect spot, we were looking for something to go over the stove. Of course if I had thought of this before hand I would have got a larger one, still it looks good.
Here's the my best picture in the display gardens, I love those stone pillars.