Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flower and Garden Show

To combat the dreary weather here today I'm going to post a few pictures I took this weekend at the Seattle Flower and Garden Show. You can click on any of these pictures for a larger view.

In general I was disappointed in "the third largest" garden show in the US. There were some nice display gardens but I guess I just expected more, definitely more flowers (even though it's February) but other than some tulips most of the flowers I saw were in these arrangements that were in the front entrance hallway.
I took some pictures inside the display garden area, but the area was dark with spotlights on specific areas, so most of my pictures came out blurry.
(Yes this is the 3rd picture of the same arrangement, each angle was so different, I loved the combinations.)

The best part of the show was the shopping. Lots of good shopping. If I get brave I'll post all my shopping, or maybe just a few highlights.
I was tempted to buy some plants, especially on Sunday which was the last day and some booths had discounts. I could have bought 2 Hellebore's for the price of one, but I didn't want to carry the plants around the show, and for the 8 block walk to our hotel. But I did come away with a some bulbs. And a few other goodies.