Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I had a mini epiphany yesterday as to why I can't seem to get things done, I'm too easily distracted. I'll start working on one project, then have some ideas for another project, start gathering supplies for a third project....

So this morning I'm trying to decide if I need to make lists, should I put a sidebar on this blog with projects I'm considering? Do I want to remember each momentary whim or just let them slide and be replaced with a new one.

Knitting: working on Mr. Greenjeans sweater and a pair of socks. Thinking about a baby sweater and booties (requested library books with patterns). Ordered some new yarn possibly for baby sweater or not.

Quilting: laying out fabrics to make something out of the tyvek from my class, working on some scrap blocks, not even going to attempt to list the completed tops that need quilting (4), the partial done projects and assorted ideas. Too many.

Also considering: setting up my knitting machine,and doing some fabric dyeing/painting. We are trying to fix up Kim's room as a "guest room" and Dave wants me to figure out and get what I want in there. Oh, and I've sketched some design ideas for a purse I want to make, even have fabric picked out.

And we are heading into spring so I'm thinking about gardening and trying to fix up the yard. It's looking like a lovely day so after work I intend to do more clean up. I'm having a hard time remembering what is planted where, I need to do a better job of marking things. But I had the brilliant inspiration to look at pictures from last year and was happily reminded of things I had growing which should come back.

But look what I also found, dated March 10, 2006.