Friday, March 07, 2008

Linda's Quilt

My friend Linda has taken up quilting, and like most things she does, she dove in feet first. She decided she wanted to make a lap quilt for her brother and have it done when she went to visit, total time for completion, less that a month. She did sign up for a beginning quilting class, but that quilt would not be completed in time so she enlisted me as her quilting advisor for this project.

I found a picture of a fairly simple quilt on the internet, I think the pattern is called Prairie Windows, but I drafted it out myself. Linda's brother is an architect so she liked the design reminiscent a Frank Lloyd Wright window and the relatively simple construction. We found this great large print batik that really shines, it almost looks like stained glass.

You can see the great backing fabric Linda picked out all on her own. The machine quilting is done in straight lines to emphasise the window pattern with some diagonal lines in the center panel.
Didn't she do a great job with this? It's on it's way to Arizona today but Linda took these pictures so I could share it (I did lighten them up a little with Photoshop to show the true colors.

Side note: I got my first spam comment, I was so excited to hear from someone that I wildly clicked on the links, then I quickly shut the pages down. My Virus Scan is up to date so no harm done. However, I have added that annoying thing where you have to verify some letters to add a comment. I hope this won't discourage anyone from contacting me, I do love feedback.