Sunday, February 03, 2008


It's one of those mornings when everything seems to inspire me, too bad I don't have any follow through. For a while I've been contemplating different "surface design" techniques on fabric that I would like to try.

On my Christmas list was Shiva Paintsticks, they need to be ordered on-line so I have to do that myself. My local quilt store is offering a new group called "TARTS - T-extile ARTS" a monthly classs with instructions and supplies to explore different surface design techniques. I'm excited about the possibilites, of course I have my own ideas of how it should be which may not be what they have planned (as often happens to me). It's going to start late this month and the store owner said the first session would be using Tyvek.

I should just do my own exploration/challenge. Besides the Shiva paintsticks I've been reading about flour resists in the latest Quilting Arts magazine. Also Tsukinelo Inks sound interesting though I'm not very good at painting. I do have the wonderful book "The Painted Quilt" by Linda and Laura Kemshall which has lots of great information if I use it.

But it's Super Bowl Sunday and we have some friends coming over to watch the game so I need to clean and prepare food. On Cute Overload I found a link for the Puppy Bowl which will be on the Animal Planet Channel, too cute. Here on the west coast it is showing before the Super Bowl (and again at the same time) so I may be watching while I'm getting things ready.

I've done some quilting on my Winter Quilt. I outlined the trees and did some lines on the foreground but I'm not sure what's next. Part of me thinks it's done, and I'll finish it without a border or binding. For now it's on the design wall to contemplate.

I'll close with a Sophie picture, she loves hanging over the back/arm of these chairs, there she can watch Jessie Dog laying on her bed or view the flicking fire in the wood stove.