Friday, February 01, 2008

Ducks are Back

I was surprised when I was driving up to the house yesterday afternoon and I saw Matt out in the yard. But he was out there giving tidbits to Agnes and Alfred. Then this morning I looked out the window...

and oh my goodness, 8 ducks out there. And they all came running when we brought out the bread.
I encouraged them to pose on the snowy ground for better contrast, it was pretty dark at 8 am, I lightened these pictures up with Photoshop.
Dave doling out the bread crumbs, a trip to the store is planned to get them some cracked corn.
Magestic Mallard, I love the orange feet.
And here they are on the water. I contemplated calling in to work "I can't come in today, we have 8 ducks on our pond" but thought better of it. When I got home only Agnes and Alfred are still here, I wonder how long they will stay.