Thursday, January 24, 2008


Tuesday was my last "Stretching Exercises" class and our final assignment was to do a winter themed quilt. I quickly had the start of this project but was having trouble deciding on what I wanted to do for the foreground, so it sat for several weeks, but with a couple of hours until class I decided to get it together and fuse the pieces down.

Today I felt inspired to start quilting but as you can see I'm sewing on dark fabric and it was really hard to see where I was going with my regular presser foot. I have finally ordered an open toe foot for my machine. My local shop didn't have any in stock so I ordered it on the internet. I hope they send it out quickly.
Here's the whole piece, I may trim it down some and am still considering borders. But as I was looking out my window from my machine, I noticed a bright spot on the deck. I have been amazed that this late in the year my rose bush still has healthy leaves but look what else!
Isn't that amazing! The night time temps this week have been in the mid 20's, but we did have 3 days of sunshine. I'm in a quandary, should I just leave it there, or bring it inside to enjoy?

These dead buds are also on the bush, they've been there for a couple of months.

Lovely evening sky, a small respite before the storms which are suppose to start rolling in tonight.