Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Latest Tote Bag

Still making tote bags and here's the latest one. For some reason it doesn't quite do it for me, I picked out the side fabric with the shells specially for the recipient who really likes thinks related to the ocean, and I think the center fabrics compliment the main fabric, but the total picture doesn't strike me as my others have done. However I think it will be well received and if anyone has any insight about it I'd love to hear.

Kim made a quick trip home yesterday to pick up her new cell phone (her old one was stolen and we ordered the new one through DH's work where we get a deal) also the license plates for her car had arrived. Since it was here I snapped some pictures of her tote bag, it's my favorite so far, and yes it is full of stuff.

The fabric that I used on the sides is the same one I used as the background for my blog header. I only bought 1/2 yard and will be so sad when it's gone.
The back side is a different design, I made a slight error when I was measuring and cutting my strip set so I had to come up with a different plan. I really like the asymmetry of it.

Like most of the country we are experiencing low temperatures, for us it means 20's and 30's. However we have clear skies and SUNSHINE which is so refreshing, lifts the spirits right up.