Saturday, December 15, 2007

Looking Like Christmas

Dave and I bought our Christmas tree yesterday, I figured we should get it before the weekend rush and all the trees were picked over. We bought the first one we liked, I did an obligatory look around for about 5 minutes, the said, "let's just take this one". Quick and easy.

Kim comes home tonight, she is so excited about Christmas this year. I've never been able to get the kids interested in helping to decorate other than a few ornaments on the tree, "Can I be done now?" but Matt put the lights on the tree and we are going to wait until Kim gets home to do the ornaments because she wants to help.

We wanted to have the tree be ornament-less for a while to see how Sophie kitten reacts to it, so far she has ignored it. I'm still thinking that we will forgo any breakable ornaments this year, we have plenty that aren't fragile
Here's my favorite Christmas quilt, I made it over 10 years ago, notice the lovely hand quilted motifs, I don't do that anymore. I never quilted the border and it sticks out like a sore thumb every year, but I'm not doing anything about it now.

After a week of feeling rushed to get certain things done I'm having trouble figuring out my priorities for today. I'm thinking about getting out my box of "vintage" Christmas fabric and making some reusable gift bags.

Yesterday I opened my Christmas present early and started loading music on my I-Pod, such fun but I'm struggling about how to organize it all. I've loaded a lot of Christmas music and I'm going to take it into work next week to make it festive.