Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've got a bit of a mess on my studio floor, I dragged out this box of "vintage" Christmas fabric, like I do every year, most of this stuff I don't even like any more.

There's quite a bit there, it fills up the Xerox box. I've been inspired by Tonya to make some Quilted Gift bags (more here). I hate the waste of wrapping paper, we re-use gift bags within the family for years and years, but I thought these fabric ones would be nice. I made 2, not nearly as intricate as Tonya makes, just some straight line quilting and a button/ribbon closure. The presents in the upper part of the picture are just wrapped with small pieces of fabric.

For some reason Jessie dog has been hanging out in my studio a lot lately, she hardly ever came in before, other than to get me to let her out. Notice that she has staged her bone nearby for easy chewing access.