Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Mother Nature decided to do a little Christmas decorating yesterday, unfortunately it won't last very long. It's suppose to start warming up today and a wind storm is predicted for tomorrow which will melt whatever is left. So for now we'll enjoy the white landscape.

Jessie dog paused for a moment from romping in the snow.
Snow stuck to the mini-crab apples that are still hanging on the branches.
And here's my project for the day, I've staged some decorations, ready to distribute around the house. I'm thinking I may need something new, I've avoided buying decorations the last few years but if I want to do it up right ... And I really don't have enough Christmas quilts, about 10 years ago I made and sold crafts at local craft fairs during the holidays, lots of small quilts and decorations, but I didn't save many for myself.