Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Helmet Liner

While watching football this weekend I completed the knitting on the helmet liner for Operation Helmet Liner, to be sent to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's even already in the mail.

Matt posing with the Helmet Liner on, it looks really weird just sitting on the table.
Side view to show more, notice the snowy background from Saturday. And no we weren't outside, I just took his picture in front of the window and cropped it down to this. If you do a web search for "Operation Helmet Liner" you will find a lot of links to the project.
Sophie kitty has been enjoying watching birds out on the deck. She was also quite interested in all the things blowing around in the wind. Jessie dog does not like to wind and has stayed close to me, I even left her in the garage when I went to work, she would only go out to do her business if I went with her.
Yes, I am a very cute kitty, all bow down to my loveliness.