Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Link Day

No pictures to share today, I'm coming along with my challenge piece and I've been knitting on my Helmet Liner, but nothing is finished. However I've found some fun things.

Margaret has alerted my to the Free Rice web site. This is a vocabulary game, but as you get correct answers you earn rice grains, which supposedly will be donated through The United Nations World Food Program. I have added a button/link to my side bar for this. I enjoy word games and hope it's true that they are donating rice.

Robin Ferrier had the privilege to hear a lecture by Regina Benson, a wonderful quilt artist. Be sure to check out all the pages (Close-Up, Inside, Distance, Social Commentary) to see all her quilts. I would love to see these works in person.

The Vancouver Olympics in 2010 are close to me, I mean that literally as Vancouver is about 30 miles north of Bellingham. They have recently unveiled the Mascots they picked for the Olympics, of course then I realized I'd never really noticed any of the other mascots from previous Olympics. I hope when the time comes I'll be willing to battle the crowds and long waits to see at least one Olympic event.