Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Links Galore

Since I couldn't use the internet yesterday afternoon because Matt was downloading an update to World of Warcraft I found there were way too many links for me to look at this morning as I was going through my blog list so I'm going to share some of my favorites with you and also as a reminder to go back and look through all the pictures there.

Lisa Walton has been showing pictures of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Australia. Interesting sculptures in a gorgeous setting. I want to see these in person. (Kim look at these)

Crazy Aunt Purl ran a contest in honor of her new book "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair" where people made sweaters for their cats and other things. She's just put up the Flicker gallery, all 419 photos. At least look at her blog so you get a taste of the craziness. I think I need to get some knitting out to sit and watch the whole slide show.
But I don't have anything going because I completed the socks!!!

Not the best photo, and I did lighten it with Photoshop but didn't spend any more time with it than that. The color is a bit off and I'll try for a better picture later. I tried for a picture of them on my feet, disaster. What I want, and I've asked for my creative family to make for me for Christmas, is some sock blockers. Check out that link for some really neat ones, Dave can cut them out of wood (once I draw him a pattern) and Kim can make them real artistic like these.