Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Day

I am up early and relishing in the fact that I still have one more day off of this holiday weekend. I had a day of cooking and family time, a day of projects, a day with friends looking at quilts and fabric and I still have one day left. Glorious.

Kim brought presents home with her, these are hand made books from her Bookmaking class. Notice the 2 different types of binding (and ignore the big crease in the fabric I used as backdrop)
The lovely paper she used for the covers is just some of the scrap booking paper she picked up on sale at JoAnn Fabrics last time she was home. They are approximately 4" x 5".
She also helped me take a better photo of my completed green socks, and then she took them home with her, she'll have toasty toes walking to school on these frosty mornings.
Next she gave me some Photoshop lessons, here is the result!

I can't show you yet the progress I made quilt wise, it's for my small group project that we will be revealing at our Christmas party in 2 weeks. Part of the entertainment is to guess who made which quilt, I think mine will be easy to guess but we shall see.

As a reminder, this is the photo we are all working from. I hope to take a picture of everyone's completed project and post a gallery of them here. It should be really interesting.

Yesterday I went on an excursion with some friends to the La Conner Quilt Museum. They have a routine that also includes 2 wonderful quilt/fabric shops, I was very restrained, bought 1/2 yard in one shop and a 1 yard piece (it is so lovely) in another. After lunch we added another stop in a yarn store that just happens to be between the 2 fabric stores, but it's across the street so we usually aren't tempted. I have a feeling it will be a regular stop from now on, we all bought something.

I had to have this lovely sock yarn, it's designed by Kaffe Fasset.

Follow the link to the La Conner Quilt Museum and you can see what they are showing currently. They were having the opening reception for the exhibit of quilts by Joan Colvin. The museum is a lovely old mansion, and they've converted the upper 2 floors to well lighted gallery space, but the 1st floor is shown as a "home" and the lighting isn't very good. Unfortunately this is where Joan's quilts were displayed. She has a lovely and distinctive style. When we were shopping earlier in Anacortes we walked by an art gallery that had a quilt near the window, we all stopped as it caught our attention. It was one of Joan's. If you don't know, Joan died early this fall.

I have a long list of things I want to do today so I'd better get started. If the weather warms up some the list may include outside window washing. Shall we wish for rain???